Sunday, May 14, 2006

I should have posted this sooner...don't know what I was thinking. My tribute to Tom Cruise and his cultic religion.

Suri With The Fringe Cult Pop

(sung by Martin Holmes to the tune of "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" from the musical Oklahoma!)

Our dear Katie just had a daughter
She stayed silent just like he taught 'er
We can’t wait to meet little Suri with the Fringe Cult Pop!

We taped him going bonkers on Oprah,
Shaking her wildly and jumping the sofa,
So that one day Suri would know about her Fringe Cult Pop.

Our girl's hormonal but can't make a sound
The Paxil's gone from the cupboard.
And Tom's off having the placenta browned.
Thank you, L. Ron Hubbard!

Now Tom's chef is preparing the gravy
To wash down the afterbirth of Rosemary's Baby
Meanwhile Kathy and I hope that maybe MI3 will flop
And that Katie saves dear Suri from her Fringe Cult Pop!


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