Friday, June 08, 2007

Redistribution of Wealth

I just get done researching that outrageous pharmacy bill and what do I see? An article by the Washington Post detailing a Democrat plan to impose a 4.3% surtax on the richest households.

Among the brilliant comments in this article:

"There is consensus to make sure that we have some responsible tax policy that will also treat taxpayers fairly." - Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.)

How exactly is this fair to the 2% (roughly 6,000,000 people) of Americans who are being targeted for higher taxation for no other reason than that they make more money than others?

Basically, the federal government stepped on its own nuts by not accounting for inflation in the Alternative Minimum Tax, and so a tax law that was intended to stop a very small number of wealthy individuals from escaping any taxation through loopholes and deductions is now beginning to hurt a lot more citizens who fall into normal tax categories. But rather than come up with an improved version or an new law which closes those loopholes, Democrats are instead looking at it as an opportunity to redistribute wealth like the good little socialists they are. They're engaging in typical class warfare rhetoric, trying to pass themselves off as Robin Hood as though the wealthy have stolen their money from the little guy and the Democrats are just heroically returning it.

It's very telling that some of them are wanting to postpone action on this to give them enough time to "educate" the masses about this issue. IOW, they want to have plenty of time to spin this into another faux-populist "we care about the working people" move by lying through their teeth in saying that they care about cutting taxes. This move doesn't cut taxes, it redistributes the tax burden from one group of people to another based on nothing but their income level. Shift it one way and it's "unfairly targeting people based on their income." Shift it the other, and it's "fair."



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