Friday, February 22, 2008

Universal Health Care: Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed

One of the major themes of both the Clinton and Obama campaigns is Universal Health Care. Despite the fact that it has been shown time and again to result in substandard care, bloated bureaucracy and smothered innovation everywhere it's been implemented, these two socialists are hell bent on implementing it in this country. There is no doubt that there are problems with the health care system in the United States, but too many people are drinking the liberal socialist kool-aid without heeding the warning on the container: Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed.

Just this morning I read yet another article, this one on Human Events, about the fact that the government run health care system in Great Britain killed over 17,000 people who should otherwise have been saved by their health care system. Sanitation is becoming a major problem in their system, with 9% of patients developing a hospital-acquired infection. These people didn't go to the hospital to get an infection treated...they got the infection just by being in the hospital!

People simply don't realize what government-run healthcare means. In Canada, if you are riding your bike down the sidewalk, fall and somehow manage to tear your ACL...figure on several months' wait before you can get it repaired (how'd you like to walk around with THAT pain for months before you get to start recovery and rehab from the surgery itself!). Currently in the United States if you get a referral from your physician to get an MRI you will likely have it scheduled within days. In Canada's single-payer system the average wait time for an MRI is THREE MONTHS. Neurosurgery services required? It could be a YEAR. Enjoy your carpal tunnel or severe migraines until then.

And don't you dare seek medical help from a private provider or you'll be prosecuted as a criminal. After all, it is ILLEGAL in Canada to spend your own money on healthcare provided by anyone other than the government run healthcare system.

It is simply beyond my comprehension why anyone would think that the government...the most amazing example of eggregious waste and bloat one could find...would somehow magically be able to efficiently and effectively handle something as vitally important as healthcare. There is a reason the United States has been at the forefront of medical innovation for so long, and Universal Healthcare will destroy that advantage.

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