Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Man's Trash...

I was just typing away, minding my own business yesterday when a co-worker (fellow musician and fan of Campus Pollyeyes) popped around the cubicle wall and offered me this book:

(my apologies for the poor resolution)

He said he found it while cleaning out some stuff at his parents' place, and since he knew I was involved in a barbershop chorus he figured I'd like to have it. Boy, would I ever!

I wouldn't really characterize this book as "rare," but barbershop music is not exactly something you can just go to the local music store or bookstore and pick up. In this case, the front cover states the price as "60 Cents" (not "75 Cents" like the picture above) and has a purchase date on it: 2-15-46. So I got an authentic, 60-year-old piece of classic barbershop literature absolutely free.

Needless to say, I'm like a kid at Christmas :)


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