Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Truly a game for the ages! I was hoping for a close where both teams were in it until the end...and that's exactly what we got. It was a hard-fought game, and a surprisingly high-scoring one.

I'm gonna take a second to respond one last time to the complaints by Michigan fans that the officials cost them the game. If you want to blame somebody, blame Shawn Crable. His helmet-to-helmet hit on Troy Smith would have been called by just about every official in the country, and let me show you why.

Here we have Smith after his release heading out of bounds. Notice Crable coming in with his head down.

And here we have Crable hitting Smith. The top of Crable's helmet made contact with the side of Smith's, knocking Smith's head back.Folks, that is a textbook example of the type of helmet-to-helmet qb contact that officials will call every single time especially going out-of-bounds.

Was the call influential to the game? Certainly, since it was on a third down and gave OSU a first down, and instead of the drive ending with a punt it ended with a score. However, you simply cannot say that Michigan would have won that game were it not for that call. The Buckeye's were up 35-31 at that point

And while I'm at it, any talk of a rematch in the National Championship game is ridiculous. "But it should be the two best teams in college football!" are the cries I hear. The two best teams at the time played and OSU came out on top. The Super Bowl rarely features the two best teams in the NFL. That game is usually played as one of the AFC playoff games.

I feel just a bit for Michigan fans right now because they're feeling what we felt during the Cooper era. The rivalry will live on and we'll play again next year.



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