Thursday, November 16, 2006

Only Two More Days

Just a little over two days from now the Buckeyes and the Wolverines will be taking the field at the Horseshoe for one of the biggest rivalry games of all time. I have savored every moment of this week knowing that I will likely never witness a game this big again. The build-up here has been surprisingly quiet, which is very unusual for Toledo this time of year. If I had to guess as to the reason I'd say it's because both sides realize just how huge this game is and there's a hesitation in bringing the smack talk because the abuse after the game could have one jumping off the high-level bridge. I've actually exchanged more smack talk online with friends than in person. I have a feeling it will all come out tomorrow though as the weekend finally hits and there is a little more tolerance for flags, hats, ect.

I've been an NFL fan since I was very young. My interest in college football has been gradually building over the past ten years, especially after the 2002 season. I've been to two football games so far: in the Dawg Pount for the last game of the 2002 season for the Cleveland Browns (when they locked up a wild card playoff spot with a thrilling win over the Falcons), and the OSU game against Minnesota last month. Between the latter and this week's buildup to The Game, I have to say that the NFL has nothing on college football in terms of excitement. I have literally been twitching at times this week in anticipation of this Saturday.

Looking forward to another collection of Tressel-era scoreboard pics...



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