Friday, September 29, 2006

Random Friday Thoughts

Fantasy Football: Wow, did the Fantasy Football bug ever bite me this year. Despite starting with a mediocre team I am definitely a junkie right now. Constantly watching the waiver wire. Trading all over the place. It only adds to my enjoyment of the NFL season. Now if only my boys in Cleveland can start putting together some wins...

Ohio State Football: Big matchup tomorrow against Iowa. I'm confident we'll win. That's a hard thing for a Browns fan to say, because I'm used to watching my team find unbelievable ways to lose games. I've just got this sneaking suspicion that this year both Michigan and Ohio State will arrive at The Game undefeated, with the winner playing for the national championship. How awesome will THAT game be! GO BUCKS!!!

TV Blues: I managed to miss BOTH of my favorite shows last night: Smallville and Grey's Anatomy. I simply cannot get the CW to come in on antennae, and other more important things kept me from watching GA. As usual, I'll have to see if I can pick them up...uh, by some other means :)


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