Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Best Time of the Year

This is without a doubt my favorite time of year. It starts around the first frost and presses right through December. The weather turns chilly. The leaves change. You begin to smell the wood-burning fireplaces when you step outside. Apple cider, pumpkin bread and other great fall foods start showing up in the fridge and on the dinner table. You can sit on a freezing cold bench and watch football Friday, Saturday or Sunday (and catch it on TV virtually every other day of the week). All your favorite shows have started into their new seasons.

I love this time of year!

Overall, I'm loving this football season so far. The only temper to my enthusiasm is the horrible play of the Browns. I've accepted the fact that once again my preseason optimism will be rewarded with at best mediocre play while they continue to be a work in progress. That said, the Evergreen Vikings (our hometown high school team) is tied for the lead in the NWOAL and is putting up some serious scores. The Buckeyes are driving hard towards another National Championship, and face the delicious prospect of facing a #2 Michigan team in the final game of the season to set up the Game To End All Games (the National Championship will almost be a letdown after that one).

And of course there is Fantasy Football. Somehow I have managed, despite having the third lowest point total in a 12-team league, to post a 4-1 record and be tied for the best record in the league with another team in my division that I've already beaten. I'm not about to say I'm a fantasy football genius or anything, but I only have five of my original fourteen drafted players still on my roster and have won my games by making good trades/waiver pickups and playing the matchups. OK, and a little luck. This week I won by only two points. I was up by nine points going into last night's Broncos-Ravens game with all my players having played and my opponent still with Matt Stover and Jamal Lewis yet to play. I was sure he would be able to scrape up ten points between the two of them, but the Broncos' defense was excellent and I went to bed a happy man last night :)

This week could prove challenging with my starting QB (Brady) on a bye, but I already have some pending waiver pickups and potential trades in the works.


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