Saturday, February 03, 2007

This Will Only Hurt for a Second?

Well, my wife and I knew it was coming soon, and now the State of Texas has made it official: Texas is now requiring HPV vaccines for schoolgirls.

Why does this concern me? Because as parents it is OUR job to make decisions on what is and is not best for our children. I have some concerns about the vaccine itself, but my primary concern at the moment is that the government feels it has the right to make this decision for me.

At this point, Texas is allowing parents to opt their children out by "filing an affidavit stating that he or she objected to the vaccine for religious or philosophical reasons." That's fine, but how long will it be before it is considered like the polio vaccine (to which comparisons are already being made) and it is required or your child cannot attend public school?

As I stated, I have some concerns about this vaccine. For one, there have been no studies of the long-terms effects of the vaccine beyond 5-10 years. There have been virtually no studies of the effects on young girls. There is no indication of how long the vaccination lasts. There are more concerns as well (I apologize for the name of the blog this link references).

I do have concerns for my children as far as wanting to do what I can to keep my girls from getting cervical cancer, although it should be pointed out that cervical cancer is in rapid decline as far as occurances among women. But I absolutely refuse to have the government force my children to take a vaccine because a drug company lobbied and donated to get legislation passed to make it mandatory.

My children. My decision.

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Blogger ellicat said...

The seriousness of this mandate vaccine goes even beyond the possible physical harm involved that we don't know about. Slowly,, the US is becoming a fascist dictatorship where more laws are being heaped upon us in the name of government "nannyism". Corporations, especially the pharmaceutical industry, are weilding unprecendented power. People, conservatives, liberals, whatever, stand up and say enough! Do it in small ways and get the word out. Stand up and say no to this! I am sickened by the imbalance of power held by the government bureaucracy that continues to make laws and mandates curtailing basic human rights, while portraying ourselves the greatest nation. We no longer are. The media, government and corporations have too much power partly because people have become apathetic. Wake up America!!

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