Thursday, April 09, 2009

What the Hell is Going ON?!?!?

I am just astounded. Simply astounded.

The excessive spending and intrusion upon personal freedoms seen during the Bush Years (particularly the second term) were bad enough, especially watching them end with ridiculous taxpayer bailouts....but less than three months into the Obama Administration I am truly in awe of just how quickly America is being torn down and rebuilt into a socialist (even fascist) state before our very eyes. And people are just going along with it like it's a good thing.

Among the things we've seen so far...

- Pushing through spending that will top $11 trillion dollars over the next several years
- Seeking to eliminate the "conscience clause" that protects doctors from discrimination for refusing to perform medical procedures (such as abortions) that violate their conscience
- We are seeing the government take controlling ownership of major financial and industrial corporations
- We are seeing the government willfully violate Article I, section 9, clause 3 of the US Constitution by passing legislation to take bonuses back from corporations
- We have just agreed to place our corporations under the jurisdiction of the Financial Stability Board, placing American companies under the global regulation of the IMF and FSB without any recourse or appeal.

There are many other things that have already happened that simply defy justification in light of our Constitution and the founding of this nation. The pace isn't slowing, it's increasing. I fear for where we're headed.