Saturday, June 10, 2006

I think that of all the living people I've never met but would like to sit down and have a beer and a chat with, Ann Coulter has got to be in the Top 5.

You know when prominent liberals in America go out of their way to remove the context from your statements you must be hitting a sore spot.

I gotta tell ya though...I love this article by Phillip Elliott of the Associated Press. The section at the end of the article listing the "quotable Coulter" is priceless, both because of the wonderful wit of Coulter they contain and their obvious use by a slanted writer to give his approval of the criticism of Coulter documented earlier in the article.

One thing that really cracks me up about Coulter is that she shares a similar trait with Rush (well, more than one, but this is the one I love): people, especially liberals, simply cannot tell when she's kidding and when she's not. Over the years I've met a few individuals who had the remarkable ability to say something with a completely straight face and get you going, only to reveal later that they were fooling you the whole time. After awhile though they would only reveal it on select occasions, leaving you wondering most times if they were serious or not.

People like Ann Coulter always keep you on your toes and make you think hard about what they say. They may occassionally apologize for fooling you, but they are completely unapologetic when it comes to telling you the truth.


Blogger JeffreyLloyd said...

I agree. I love Ann, she'd be a great person to meet!

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