Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Leader in Homosexual Community Now Straight

I don't write often about homosexuality. I probably should write more given how much media and political attention that sinful lifestyle garners. I've had gay friends in the past (after all, I have been involved in music and theater) and I've never "bashed" anyone or shunned them for being gay. But the fact is that as a Christian I have clear and immovable beliefs that homosexuality is a sin and Scripture leaves little room for a practicing homosexual to enter the Kingdom. This isn't something that makes me happy. I don't take joy in acknowledging or proclaiming that fact, but as a disciple of Jesus Christ I cannot compromise truth.

A well-known activist in the gay community and former editor of Young Gay America magazine, Michael Glatze, has recently announced that he has left the homosexual lifestyle and become a heterosexual. This comes at a time when there is a major push to further entrench homosexuality as "normal" by forcing the acceptance of homosexual marriage and other such "rights." Given the way the liberal media responds to anyone who stands in the way of the gay agenda, I truly feel for Mr. Glatze, who will no doubt be the recipient of some of the most venomous slander the gay establishment can muster. Just ask Charlene Cothran (see this AfterEllen.com article and the comments on this blog for examples). No doubt the liberal media will bury Michael's story, if they report it at all, in favor of anyone they can find who has "come out."

What this really does is further reinforce the fact that homosexuality is in fact a choice. There's a sense in people are "born that way" by virtue of the fact that we are born sinners with the potential for all manner of evil, but our sins are nevertheless a willful acts...ones for which we bear responsibility. Both Charlene and Michael attest to the fact that they've always known somewhere inside that homosexuality is "not what God intended for us."

In a time where morality is in increasing decline and Christian values are under constant assault, it is very encouraging to see men and women publicly step out of the bondage of homosexuality and proclaim the freedom from sin that salvation in Christ provides. May He encourage and strengthen Charlene, Michael and the many others who have left the homosexual lifestyle as they endure the ridicule and slander of those who once proclaimed their "wisdom."

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